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Congratulations to our Structure:Europe 2013 LaunchPad and Startup Zone companies! 

Our Startup Zone finalists are a snapshot of worldwide innovation – from San Francisco and Boston to Budapest and Berlin – tackling issues such as devops, encryption and privacy, mobile backend as a service, and more. Of the two dozen Startup Zone companies, ten “LaunchPad” companies will go head to head on stage to compete for a chance to win the judges’ and audience choice awards. Learn more about the LaunchPad companies here and see their profiles below.


AquamatiX is a U.K.-based software and services company that applies smart grid and internet of things technologies to water and wastewater operations and management.
Speaker: Laurie Reynolds, Managing Director

Cloud 66 is Application Management as a Service. It combines the convenience of PaaS with the flexibility and control of Infrastructure as a Service. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Khash Sajadi, CEO is a cloud BaaS for mobile developers. We also offer an enterprise middleware edition for deployment on a private cloud or internally. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Andrew Buchanan, VP of Sales

ECmanaged is a pioneering multi-Cloud management tool enabling users to take full control of their Cloud platforms from the implementation to the management phase. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Victor Lasierra, CMO is a data browser that turns the web into organized and useable data without writing any code. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Andrew Fogg, Founder and Chief Data Officer

Lunacloud is a pure-play cloud services provider. We focus on delivering reliable, elastic and low cost infrastructure services to run your applications and store your data. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Hugo Tavares, Founder and CTO

SecludIT has developed Elastic Security, a set of products and services specifically designed for securing cloud infrastructure. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Sergio Loureiro, CEO

Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring combines a 2-minute setup, an intuitive UI, and advanced analytics to streamline the process of finding and fixing issues within cloud-powered applications. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Dan Belcher, Co-Founder

Tresorit is an encrypted cloud storage tool, designed to share and sync confidential data. Security in the cloud has never been this easy to use. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Istvan Lam, CEO

Waymate simplifies travel planning with an online platform and mobile app – directly compare trains, flights, busses and public transport options. See GigaOM’s profile of them here.
Speaker: Stefan Kellner, CTO

Startup Zone Companies
GigaOM has selected 23 of the best and brightest cloud and data startups to feature in The Startup Zone. All Startup Zone companies are invited to demo their products and attend closed-door sessions with mentors executives, and funders from across Europe.

Cloud 66
Craft Machine
Essentia Analytics


Building the Global Cloud
18 and 19 September 2013 / London

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