Wednesday, September 18
7:30 AM


8:25 AM


Moderated by: Chris Albrecht - Creative Director, GigaOM
Speakers: Barb Darrow - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Derrick Harris - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Om Malik - Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM
8:30 AM

The dominant data-management platform?

Hadoop has fundamentally changed the economics of storing and analyzing massive data sets. We used to ask whether we could afford to store information. Today we ask whether we can afford to throw it away. This is not a technology argument; it is economic. Hadoop is part of the reason. Pivotal’s Dave Menninger looks at why Hadoop is destined to be the centerpiece of large-scale data management activities that serve end users in the context of who they are, where they are and what they are doing in the moment.

Moderated by: Mike Ferguson - CEO, Intelligent Business Strategies
Speakers: David Menninger - Head of Business Development and Strategy, Pivotal an EMC Subsidiary
8:45 AM

Google's infrastructure DNA, packaged up for you

Google has built one of most impressive compute and internet infrastructures on the planet. It now wants you to build your business on it to share in the power and flexibility it now affords. Barak Regev, the head of the Cloud Platform in the EMEA, will talk in detail about how business leaders are starting to transform the way they approach IT.

Speakers: Barak Regev - Head of EMEA Cloud Platform, Google Enterprise
9:05 AM

CERN's grand collision experiment: cloud technology meets work culture

As part of a large-scale adoption of cloud computing to support the increasing computing needs of the Large Hadron Collider, the infrastructure of CERN IT is undergoing major changes in both technology and culture. This session will describe the steps taken, the challenges encountered and our outlook for the future.

Speakers: Tim Bell - Infrastructure Manager, CERN
9:20 AM

What does it take to run 19% of the web’s content?

WordPress, Matt Mullenweg’s creation, runs nearly 19 percent of the world’s websites, with customers including the New York Times, CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Reuters and GigaOM (and Katy Perry). That takes a lot of horsepower. How does Automattic, the company behind WordPress, combine a distributed work force, open-source software and the cloud to build this blogging empire?

Moderated by: Om Malik - Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Matt Mullenweg - Co-Founder, WordPress and Founder, Automattic
9:40 AM

BMW accelerates cloud adoption with ODCA

With cloud computing representing the most fundamental change in data center computing in decades, the spotlight today falls on organizations that are successfully making the transition into a cloud base environment. BMW is one of these success stories. Mario Mueller, the VP of IT Infrastructure for BMW and the ODCA's chairman, will provide an overview of BMW's plans for cloud computing and the influence of ODCA requirements on the company's cloud strategy.

Speakers: Mario Mueller - VP, IT Infrastructure, BMW and Chairman, ODCA
9:55 AM

Cloud, data and where the world is headed

The ready availability and massive rentable infrastructure along with powerful engines to parse structured and unstructured data will open up whole new application areas. What will they be?

Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Michael Abbott - Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Jonathan Heiliger - General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners
10:15 AM


(Optional Workshops)

10:30 AM - EMC Sponsor Workshop - Sidney Suite, Level 1

Creating cloud services: addressing market and vertical needs for competitive advantage

Join this interactive workshop to understand how EMC is creating leading-edge cloud-based services with it service providers. Gain insight into how EMC’s technology leadership and expertise enable businesses to differentiate and create competitive advantage with its service provider ecosystem, meeting the needs of SMBs to enterprise organizations and vertical markets.

Speakers: Ian Massingham - CTO, EMEA Service Providers, EMC

10:30 AM - Aspera Sponsor Workshop - Beaumont Suite, Level 1

Infrastructure-agnostic transport technologies for universal big data storage and workflows

With the right tools, file storage today can be in the cloud or on-premise, with seamless and secure access and publishing regardless of location. This session will explore how infrastructure-agnostic transport technologies are transforming the way all kinds of organizations access and use big data for ever-greater efficiencies and innovation.

Speakers: Jay Migliaccio - Director, Cloud Platforms and Services, Aspera

10:30 AM - Softlayer Sponsor Workshop - Harpley Suite, Level 1

Building a mainstream private cloud: what you need to know

Private clouds are a great way to provide real-time service delivery of IT resources with a single-tenant, customized, secure environment. The challenge of scaling and managing physical resources still exists. The solution may be to leverage an IaaS provider to build an off-premise cloud to add scalability to your current private cloud.

Speakers: Jonathan Wisler - General Manager, EMEA, Softlayer
11:15 AM

Amazon in sight

“We won’t be able to overcome Amazon in Europe within a couple of years, but we’ve got big plans," says UpCloud general manager Antti Vilpponen. Hear how four young companies are moving forward and making plans to disrupt the future of IaaS in Europe.

Moderated by: David Meyer - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Richard Davies - CEO, ElasticHosts
Andreas Gauger - CMO, ProfitBricks
Bernino Lind - COO, CloudSigma
Antti Vilpponen - GM, UpCloud
11:40 AM

Lessons from beyond the edge: streaming 114,000 years of video every month

Netflix viewers access 114,155 years of video each month. That's 1 billion hours of video feeding the eyeballs of 30 million customers globally. The platform must be reliable and energy efficient and offer huge capacity, high performance and low TCO. David Fullagar, the director of Content Delivery Architecture at Netflix, and Steve Campbell, the CTO at HGST, will share best practices in server design and storage systems from delivering their Open Connect system. The audience is listening.

Moderated by: Jo Maitland - Research Director, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Brendan Collins - VP of Product Marketing, HGST, a Western Digital Company
David Fullagar - Director of Content Delivery Architecture, Netflix
12:00 PM

Who does what when everyone is a cloud provider?

Despite challenges in Hewlett-Packard's core server and PC businesses, the company remains an undisputed IT giant with millions of customers worldwide. Now its growing cloud business puts it in the position of competing with longtime partners Microsoft, Rackspace and others. Margaret Dawson, the VP of marketing for HP Cloud Services, will discuss how HP sees the cloud landscape shaking out and what it means for the buyers out there deciding on their company's future strategy.

Moderated by: Paul Miller - Founder, Cloud of Data
Speakers: Margaret Dawson - VP of Product Marketing and Cloud Evangelist, Hewlett Packard
12:20 PM

Addictive metrics: the secret to driving your business with analytics

The more visibility you have into your company’s data, the more you can do with it. Whether monitoring the performance of your web or mobile app, server utilization or even sales transactions, businesses are finding that once they start analyzing their production environment, they don’t want to stop — the business insights and efficiencies learned are too great. With more and more data flooding in, though, businesses have to make sure they are analyzing the right data and connecting the right dots. New Relic’s Lew Cirne will speak to how modern software builders can leverage this machine data, connect it to business metrics and build a better business.

Moderated by: Barb Darrow - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Lew Cirne - Founder and CEO, New Relic
12:35 PM

Massive, ongoing changes in how the internet is constructed

At the heart of the internet, new economics and engineering forces are dramatically reshaping the way providers plan, build and pay for data centers and backbone infrastructure. In the largest study of its kind, we explore the impact of these changes on applications and traffic using anonymous data from a large cross section of providers in the U.S. and Europe (representing one-fifth of all U.S. consumer traffic).

Speakers: Craig Labovitz - Co-Founder, DeepField
12:45 PM


12:45 PM

GigaOM Research Roundtable - Prescot Suite, Level 1

The Internet of Things and the cloud

Everyone is talking about the internet of things, but how are we going to get from here to there, and how will the cloud specifically disrupt this space? In this lunchtime roundtable, we'll discuss companies to watch and trends that could impact the IoT market. RSVP here.

Speakers: Jon Collins - Analyst, Inter Orbis and GigaOM Research

1:00 PM - EMC Service Providers Sponsor Workshop - Sidney Suite, Level 1

Achieving Business Agility and Efficiency with EMC Service Providers

Join EMC and its global service provider to discover how they are evolving their cloud services to address customer needs to drive agility, managing data growth and cost efficiency.

Speakers: Tom Brand - Business Development Manager - Cloud and Hosting, Vodafone
Steve Chambers - CTO, Canopy Cloud
1:45 PM

The data guru's panel: give and take

There is no substitute for experience, and one of the greatest ways to learn is from those who have had to do it. On this panel we assemble an esteemed group of peer-recognized data science professionals who are here to bring the audience the latest information and practices that are being innovated in the data science space. Listen, ask questions and take away what you need.

Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Andrew Fogg - Founder and Chief Data Officer, Import•io
John Foreman - Chief Data Scientist,
Sam Hamilton - VP, Data Technology, PayPal
2:10 PM

Do you really want all of your things on the internet?

The explosion of sensors and onboard computers — in cars, fitness devices, appliances and our own bodies — means we're generating more personal data than ever. How will this make our lives better? What are the ramifications of this both for users and for the infrastructure that has to handle this data deluge? Is there a huge opportunity for European technology entrepreneurs?

Moderated by: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino - Founder, Good Night Lamp
Speakers: Alicia Asin - CEO and Co-Founder, Libelium
Michael Simon - Chairman and CEO, LogMeIn
2:30 PM

Cloud: If not mobile, then what?

We are coming into a networked society where things and services are talking not just to us but also to one another. The benefits of such connectivity are obvious for consumers and business, but the network is also experiencing transformation faster than ever. Mobility, broadband and the cloud make up the foundation of the networked society, where united they are powerful but divided they are weak. We’ll speak to the CTO of the world’s largest mobile network maker, Ericsson, about this transformation and how the future network and cloud hybrid will affect you, your business and your services.

Moderated by: David Meyer - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Ulf Ewaldsson - CTO, Ericsson
2:50 PM

Stellar nursery: Are the new cloud stars being born in Europe?

Conventional wisdom holds that cloud adoption is coming a bit slower in Europe than elsewhere. National telcos and traditional hosting companies making a big play and small startups are being born at a rate previously unseen, fed by released funds and business regulations that allow them to flourish. This panel will hash out the European cloud situation now and how adoption is expected to roll out over the next few years, given the EC's strong backing of a big cloud push for European member states.

Moderated by: Om Malik - Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Marco Boerries - Founder and CEO, NumberFour AG
3:10 PM

How was it for you?

Let's face it, there has been a ton of hype about the cloud. It's time to talk to the people who grind the sausage. In this discussion we'll talk to actual deployers of the cloud and hear about their lessons learned — both positive and negative — and talk about consequences — intended and otherwise — of moving workloads to the cloud.

Moderated by: Barb Darrow - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Bruno Silva - Research Computing Platforms Team Leader, University College London
Russell Warman - Head of Infrastructure, Trader Media Group
3:30 PM


(Optional Workshops)

3:45 PM - Nuage Networks Sponsor Workshop - Sidney Suite, Level 1

The true potential of network virtualization

While much has been said about network virtualization, current solutions remain limited to simplistic use cases, restricting services within boundaries of single data centers or virtualized islands. We describe a novel approach that fulfills the promise of massively scalable network virtualization and enables the seamless interconnection of cloud services with existing enterprise environments.

Speakers: Scott Sneddon - Principle Solutions Architect, Nuage Networks

3:45 PM - HGST Sponsor Workshop - Beaumont Suite, Level 1

The overlooked disk drive and the (R)evolution of storage

Whether you think about it or not, storage is at the center of your applications, services and data centers, and it’s at the heart of the world’s digital infrastructures. Learn about the future of HDDs and flash and discover new innovations and value propositions that can help improve your bottom line.

Speakers: Manfred Berger - Sr. Manager Cloud and Mobility EMEA, HGST

3:45 PM - DataDirect Networks Sponsor Workshop - Harpley Suite, Level 1

New approaches to performance and efficiency that achieve exceptional cloud storage economics at scale

Web applications and cloud repositories are driving unprecedented levels of performance and capacity requirements for storage. Current infrastructure can be dramatically wasteful at these levels of scale. The challenges encountered lead to underperforming ROI that can be improved. Please join us for a discussion around these challenges and new solutions.

Speakers: Tom Leyden - Director of Product Marketing, DataDirect Networks
4:30 PM

Trading places: the cloud commodities market

Is it feasible to buy and sell compute instances the way we buy and sell stocks or other commodities? We're seeing the beginning of such markets, but it's early in the game. This panel will discuss what has to happen both infrastructurally and in IT mindsets to make these exchanges a reality and what role governmental agencies will play if that is the case.

Moderated by: Ben Kepes - Analyst, Diversity Limited and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Speakers: John Cowan - Co-Founder and CEO, 6Fusion
James Mitchell - Founder and CEO, Strategic Blue
4:55 PM

Structure San Francisco LaunchPad winner

Salt Stack was the LaunchPad winner in San Francisco in June 2013. We're happy to have them with GigaOM in London to show the same presentation that earned them top marks in the U.S.

Speakers: Marc Chenn - Co-Founder and CEO, SaltStack
5:00 PM


We feature the young and few companies that we think will change things for the many. Come meet them. For company profiles, see the Startup Zone page.

Company 1: AquamatiX

Company 2: Cloud 66

Company 3:

Company 4: ECmanaged

Company 5:

Company 6: Lunacloud

Company 7: SecludIT

Company 8: Stackdriver

Company 9: Tresorit

Company 10: Waymate

Moderated by: Chris Albrecht - Creative Director, GigaOM
Speakers: Kevin Brown - General Partner, Reed Elsevier Ventures
Simon Menashy - Investment Manager, MMC Ventures
Julie Meyer - Chairman and Chief Executive, Ariadne Capital
6:00 PM


6:05 PM


Thursday, September 19
8:00 AM


8:45 AM


Moderated by: Chris Albrecht - Creative Director, GigaOM
8:50 AM

Building a cloud ecosystem for Europe

As the cloud market evolves, business needs such as a federated cloud, agility and trusted partnerships are emerging from European customers. While the long-term vision is to enable an easy-to-consume IT as a service through leading technology, there is some groundwork to be done in establishing a fertile ecosystem in Europe that will make that vision happen. EMC has been leading efforts globally, and in this talk we will hear the progress from EMC and its partners on how this cloud ecosystem is delivering business value to its European customers.

Moderated by: Jo Maitland - Research Director, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Jason Capitel - COO EMEA, EMC
9:05 AM

Is cloud computing a technology, an operations model or a business strategy?

Cloud computing is usually viewed as a set of information technologies or as an operations model, with benefits primarily categorized as cost reduction and business agility. These benefits are certainly useful, but can the cloud offer more than merely incremental improvements and rise to become a central component of business strategy? If so, how? This provocative talk by the author of Cloudonomics will offer frameworks, examples and insights at the intersection of business and technology.

Speakers: Joe Weinman - SVP, Cloud Services and Strategy, Telx
9:20 AM

Dude, it's the Dell cloud!

Public? Private? Both. Dell cloud chief Nnamdi Orakwue will discuss the company's bold, multipronged plan of attack that relies on partners for public cloud while it builds out a massive OpenStack private cloud for customers.

Moderated by: Barb Darrow - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Nnamdi Orakwue - VP, Cloud, Dell
9:40 AM

Challenges and opportunities in cloud computing and big data

The true disruptive potential of cloud computing and big data technologies has not been fully realized. Many still see cloud computing and big data technologies as cheaper or faster alternatives to existing systems. In this talk, we will explore what scenarios may be possible if we think more broadly around how to leverage these technologies. We will share examples from product development, customer success stories and projects for social good.

Moderated by: Derrick Harris - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Dave Campbell - CTO, Cloud and Enterprise, Microsoft
10:00 AM

The roots of the Helix Nebula

With a name like the Helix Nebula, it must be something special. And it is. The Helix Nebula is a bold pan-European initiative to create a supercomputing resource that will help crack some of the hardest problems mankind faces in its quest for knowledge. High-energy physics, molecular biology and Earth observation data will form the first test frontiers for the system. In this fireside chat we talk to Maryline Lengert of the ESA, who conceived and executed on the vision of this amazing resource for European scientists.

Moderated by: David Meyer - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Maryline Lengert - Senior Advisor, European Space Agency
10:20 AM


(Optional Workshops)

10:20 AM

GigaOM Research Mapping Session - Prescot Suite, Level 1

Selecting your cloud infrastructure in Europe

The market for cloud infrastructure in Europe is becoming more rich and complex every day; big, international players like Amazon and Google continue to extend their offerings inside the EU, as European telcos such as Deutsche Telekom and Orange transition from running managed data centers toward full-featured cloud products. A number of disruption vectors are clearly at play in Europe: the rise of national and regional providers, recent revelations around PRISM, concerns around data security, anti-U.S. sentiment and more. Join GigaOM Research analysts for a highly interactive discussion to explore and identify the key issues for the coming year. RSVP here.

Moderated by: Jo Maitland - Research Director, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Rene Buest - Principal Analyst, New Age Disruption and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Jon Collins - Analyst, Inter Orbis and GigaOM Research
Paul Miller - Founder, Cloud of Data and Analyst, GigaOM Research

10:35 AM - Rackspace Sponsor Workshop - Sidney Suite, Level 1

Tearing down silos and building your enterprise devops engine

Virtualization is a technology and cloud computing a business model. To effectively embrace cloud technology, you need to transform the way your business operates. In this session find out how to adopt devops to provide business agility, allowing you to deliver services quickly and efficiently to market, keeping that competitive advantage.

Speakers: Lindsay Cassidy - Senior Technology Strategist, Rackspace

10:35 AM - ODCA Sponsor Workshop - Beaumont Suite, Level 1

The Open Data Center Alliance drives the enterprise-ready cloud

Join ODCA board members Capgemini and UBS and Intel, the Alliance's technical advisor, as they discuss strategies for the enterprise-ready cloud, driven by the ODCA's usage models. Learn about the organization and how your company can also benefit from the alliance's unified voice on cloud deployment requirements.

Speakers: Allyson Klein - Director of Leadership Marketing, Intel, ODCA Technical Advisor
Harish Rao - SVP, CTO, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini, ODCA Board Representative
Correy Voo - CTO - Platform Services and Applied Innovation, UBS, ODCA Board Member

10:35 AM - Arago Sponsor Workshop - Harpley Suite, Level 1

IT ops of the future: AI and analytics-based automation

Automating IT operations is about as old as IT itself. Most automation techniques to date are based on the industrial paradigm of economies of scale. In a world where one year is a century and where customer demand changes virtually every day, these techniques no longer do the trick. Arago’s founder and CEO, Chris Boos, will show a new approach to IT automation where artificial intelligence is used instead of standardization and data analytics instead of procedure. This new approach no longer puts people against machines but creates machine-augmented experts instead.

Speakers: Chris Boos - CEO, arago AG
11:20 AM

Mission not so impossible: a truly secure cloud?

The nature of cloud computing is that our data or workloads are out there, beyond our purview. Given that, can that data be truly safe from the bad guys? Or is it actually as safe or safer than it was in our aging in-house server rooms and data centers?

Moderated by: Greg Ferro - Network Architect, Ca and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Joe Baguley - CTO, EMEA, VMware
Gavan Egan - VP Sales, Verizon Terremark Europe
Adrienne Hall - GM, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft
Hila Meller - Head of Security Strategy EMEA, CA Technologies
11:45 AM

Amazon vs. the world: How can cloud service providers compete?

In this panel debate moderated by GigaOM’s David Meyer, Tony Lucas, the founder and VP Product at Flexiant, will join Ditlev Bredahl, the CEO of OnApp, to debate how cloud service providers can compete against industry giants like Amazon. The discussion will highlight common challenges and alternative approaches to positioning and propositions. Panelists will debate whether federation, differentiation, growth through resellers or geographical scale is the right approach for cloud service providers.

Moderated by: David Meyer - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Ditlev Bredahl - CEO, OnApp
Tony Lucas - Founder and SVP Product, Flexiant
12:05 PM

Can open-source hardware reinvent the data center?

Billions of people and their many devices will be coming online in the next decade, and the industry is building out a huge physical infrastructure to support this growth. But we are doing so in a largely closed fashion. In this fireside chat, Frank Frankovsky will provide an update on the latest developments in the Open Compute Project, a consumer-led community that's pushing for more openness and a greater focus on scale, efficiency and sustainability.

Moderated by: Jo Maitland - Research Director, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Frank Frankovsky - VP, Infrastructure, Facebook
12:20 PM

A "cloudnostic" future

There has been a massive shift in the way people access and manage their data. Information resides on multiple repositories on multiple platforms, and the successful search and data technologies of the future will be cloudnostic. It doesn't matter where your data resides; it matters if you can access it.

Moderated by: Mathew Ingram - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Brad Garlinghouse - CEO, Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)
12:35 PM

5 essential tools for optimizing IaaS

Over the past few years, PAYG IaaS has been a revolution in the market, dramatically changing how we both commercially and technically delivery IT capability. How IaaS works and what it can deliver is now starting to be well understood. However, what many users miss is the control and management infrastructure that is essential to work with it to optimize cloud applications and exploit the commercial and technical benefits.

Speakers: Nigel Beighton - VP of Technology, Rackspace
12:50 PM

Digital by default: transforming UK government services

Over the past year, the UK government has unveiled an ambitious new program for transforming its services to make them "digital by default." That's leading to radical changes in how services are built and operated, with a new cloud-first policy, a focus on open standards and a drive to establish a new supply chain to support that work. What's the ambition for that program, how is it developing, and how can more suppliers get involved?

Speakers: James Stewart - Head of Technology, Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office
1:00 PM


1:00 PM

GigaOM Research Roundtable - Prescot Suite, Level 1

A brave new big data linked world

Can Hadoop really be all things big data to all people? And if not, what are the alternatives out there and what are they good for? In this lunchtime roundtable, we'll discuss some of the ways in which technologies and standards such as linked data and the semantic web can help bridge the metadata and domain knowledge gap and shape the landscape of a brave new big linked data world. RSVP here.

Speakers: George Anadiotis - Founder and CEO, Linked Data Orchestration and Analyst, GigaOM Research
2:00 PM

Data center dilemmas: cost vs. ecosystem

As cloud purveyors pack more workloads and data into massive data centers, what design considerations come to the fore? Does the advent of cloud computing mean a greener, more sustainable model going forward, or is it just shifting loads to bigger, not necessarily better, data centers?

Moderated by: Katie Fehrenbacher - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Niall McEntegart - European Datacenter Operations Manager, Facebook
Mark Thiele - EVP of Data Center Technology, Switch
2:20 PM

How to bite off more than you can chew and succeed: the big data infrastructure guru's speak

What's big data to me might not be big data to you, but these guys have dealt with data that's big by anyone's definition. They'll tell tales of managing huge systems and huge amounts of data for the National Security Agency, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other organizations, and how the methods for doing are now making their way into mainstream businesses.

Moderated by: Tim Moreton - CTO, Acunu
Speakers: Ron Bodkin - CEO, Think Big Analytics
Adam Fuchs - CTO, Sqrrl Data
Bhaskar Ghosh - Senior Director of Engineering, Data Infrastructure, LinkedIn
Raymie Stata - CEO, Altiscale
2:45 PM

A view from the bridge

Who controls IT adoption at the enterprise? Is it the worker bees with their iPads, mobile apps and Amazon Web Services accounts? Is it the beleaguered C-level suite? Or does it even matter anymore?

Moderated by: Jon Collins - Analyst, Inter Orbis and Analyst, GigaOM Research
Speakers: Matthew Finnie - CTO, Interoute
Simon Short - CTO, Head of Digital, Capgemini
3:05 PM


(Optional Workshops)

3:20 PM - CertiVox Sponsor Workshop - Sidney Suite, Level 1

Strong authentication for your cloud services that removes your largest threat vectors, the username and password database, and all single points of failure

See why M-Pin Strong Authentication System with CertiVox's Distributed Trust Cloud Architecture removes all single points of failure and your most critical threat vector — the username and password database — while providing two-factor authentication out of the box and a dramatically improved user experience in one solution. Don’t trust us: Read the analysts' opinions on

Speakers: Brian Spector - CEO, CertiVox
4:05 PM

Post PRISM panopticon: confidence in public cloud computing

After recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency's data collection program, how can European businesses take advantage of cloud technologies and still maintain reasonable security and data privacy? Projects like PRISM and the roughly analogous UK Tempora may have far-reaching implications for users of the public cloud.

Moderated by: David Meyer - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Dan Gillmor - Author and Professor, Arizona State University
Jason Hoffman - Founder, Joyent
Markus Rex - CEO, ownCloud
4:30 PM

Devops: Is synchronicity here?

The goal of devops is to get developers and operations people working in concert, not at cross purposes, with the goal being better software delivered faster. What pain points remain, and are they getting any better? This panel will take on the billiion dollar question, Are we there yet?

Moderated by: David Mytton - Founder and CEO, Server Density
Speakers: Dan Belcher - Co-Founder, Stackdriver
Erik Dalén - System Engineer, Spotify
Andy Piper - Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Gábor Vészi - Engineering Manager, Prezi
5:00 PM


Speakers: Barb Darrow - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Derrick Harris - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Om Malik - Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM
5:05 PM



Building the Global Cloud
18 and 19 September 2013 / London

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