7:30 AM

Registration and Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Chris Albrecht - Creative Director, GigaOM
Mathew Ingram - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Nicole Solis - Managing Editor, GigaOM
8:40 AM

Business in the Mobile Moment

SAP, like all companies, must stay ahead of potentially disruptive technologies to remain at the top of its market. The internal Global IT organization has a strong focus on innovation, and is on the leading edge of many game-changing business and technology trends. SAP has embraced working in the 'mobile moment' internally and has enabled its employees to conduct business outside of the office with consistent, critical business data at their fingertips and flexible work policies. In this talk learn about what key things SAP learned about harnessing mobility and broadband to make it work at work.

Speakers: Chris McClain - EVP Global Mobility Solutions, SAP
8:50 AM

Technology for Today

Times have changed. Businesses are increasingly growing more global, collaborative and mobile. Can today’s companies survive running yesterday's technology? Not for long. As Albert Einstein once said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” In this talk Aneel outlines how we can deal with the challenges of enterprise software’s past and how to combat problems for today's modern business.

Speakers: Aneel Bhusri - Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Workday
9:00 AM

Social Tools: Finally a Match for Complex Workflows

Social tools are being deployed in greater numbers across the enterprise. Exciting patterns are emerging that demonstrate the effectiveness of these tools in supporting complex workflows that traditional IT systems and collaboration tools have had trouble supporting. In this talk, we bring together vendors and customers to talk about their successes in supporting complex workflows with social tools.

Moderated by: David Coleman - Founder and Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies and, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Rhonda Lowry - VP, Emerging Social Web Technologies, Turner Broadcasting
Dennis O'Malley - VP of Services, Moxie Software
9:20 AM

16 Million and Growing: The Wave of Independence Swells Into a New World of Work

The genie is out of the bottle and not going back in. By 2013, it's expected that the number of independent workers in America will grow from 16 million to over 20 million, and 7 in 10 American workers will be “expert sourced.” Hear the results of a landmark national study that provides first-of-its-kind quantitative data about independent work and offers deeper insights into the pioneers driving this new way to work. We'll examine the hidden and not-so-hidden challenges and opportunities that face workers and organizations in this bold new future of work and offer a glimpse of what the American workscape may look like in 2020.

Speakers: Gene Zaino - President and CEO, MBO Partners
9:30 AM

Secrets of the Linked

LinkedIn has been described as the “social network for professionals.” It encompasses 116 million people globally who use the system to connect and communicate. But what do they really do with it? What use cases are there for a “professional social network?” Where is social connectivity important for the way we work today? In this session, we'll hear new insights from LinkedIn’s observations on the opportunities for human networks collaborating on computer networks.

Moderated by: Mathew Ingram - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Deep Nishar - SVP, Products and User Experience, LinkedIn
9:50 AM

Remote Over-Workers: Stressed and Alone

For those who have never worked from home, the idea sounds ideal. Wi-Fi, slippers and sitting on the couch are images conjured in their minds. The reality, however, is far from those blissful images. Are we, in fact, doing ourselves and future generations of workers a disservice by even allowing remote working? In this session, we'll hear the concerning results from a study conducted by academics at Sheffield University and supported by mobility enabler iPass. The study and its results will be revealed for the first time in public at this session.

Moderated by: Nicole Solis - Managing Editor, GigaOM
Speakers: Dr. Carolyn Axtell - Institute of Work Psychology, The University of Sheffield
Barbara Nelson - CTO, iPass
10:10 AM

The New Workplace: The Office has Left the Building

A rise in remote and online work tools has triggered an tremendous shift in how we work. For both startups and established businesses, competition for talent is fierce, and the landscape of technology offers hiring options that extend far beyond the traditional 9-to-5 relationship. In this presentation, Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, will share the vision and the reality of developing flexible and strategic work relationships outside the walls of the traditional workplace.

Speakers: Gary Swart - CEO, oDesk
10:20 AM

PowerPoint Poisons Meetings: The Tablet as Antidote

PowerPoint ushered in a new era of visual presentation where data, images and video could be combined into a story by anyone who could use a PC. It also ushered in mind-numbing, one-way, top-down meetings that are often a sad reflection of modern corporate culture. The tablet, the fastest growing computing device in history, is knocking down doors at corporations everywhere, bringing with it the opportunity to change corporate culture again. This session will cover how the future of meetings and office collaboration will be shaped by an always-on, connected mobile device built for content.

Speakers: Todd Barr - CMO, Alfresco
10:30 AM

The Leaders You Want vs. The Leaders You Need: Insights from Mining 20 Years of Data

Do you know what makes great leadership? Are you building it into your organization? Based on 20 years of research, across hundreds of companies and thousands of executives, clear patterns have emerged around the skills and priorities that companies seek in their leaders vs. what they really need. With a commitment to a scientific process, Korn/Ferry identified the characteristics of the the most successful business people - across the creative, management, operational and entrepreneurial disciplines, across geographies and levels – to distill the attributes that have been resulted in the most success. How do you think you might measure up?

Speakers: Allen Delattre - Global Managing Director, Technology, Korn/Ferry International
10:40 AM


(Optional Sponsored Workshops - Located on Level 2)

Alfresco Sponsor Workshop - Room 1

Tablets, Content and Your Workforce: Making It All Sync (with special guest Quickoffice)

Tablets are amazing content devices and knowledge workers are fast adopters. But integrating tablets and corporate content is proving to be a challenge for organizations. How can companies keep some control of their content... and their IP? What new use cases are possible? This session is about enabling tablets for both knowledge workers and the organization.

Speakers: Todd Barr - CMO, Alfresco
Alan Masarek - CEO, Quickoffice

Korn/Ferry International Sponsor Workshop - Room 2

Maximizing Employee Engagement – Making it Easy

Korn/Ferry Futurestep has developed an app to do just that! Each employee will have the ability to track and engage in their career development in an easy to use and interactive manner. Join us to learn more.

Speakers: Sean Kent - Global Technology Leader, Futurestep
Jeanne MacDonald - VP and GM, RPO and Project Recruitment, Futurestep

Gist Sponsor Workshop - Room 3

10 Secrets of a Super-Connector and How to Use Them for Max Success

Being a super-connector is more than just knowing a lot of people. It’s about creating, nurturing and connecting your network of contacts. In this session, learn the tools and techniques super-connectors use for success.

Speakers: T.A. McCann - VP of Gist, Research in Motion
11:20 AM

Beyond SaaS: Google's Vision for the Enterprise

The rapid ascent of Google Apps in the enterprise over the last four years is nothing short of breathtaking. From being a beta product adored by a small legion of tech early adopters to becoming a commonly overheard phrase at work, “Google Docs” is still on the ascendant. Google's hiring of a senior industry executive with a big track record in enterprise markets belies its ambitions. In this session, we'll learn about Google's ambitions and how the company sees the enterprise collaborating through Google Docs.

Moderated by: Mathew Ingram - Senior Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Rajen Sheth - Group Product Manager, Chrome for Business, Google
11:40 AM

Crowdsourcing, Meet Robotics...

Crowdsourcing has seen massive growth in recent years in an environment fueled by cheap and ubiquitous web access. In parallel, we are seeing a rise in the use of telepresence and robotics for collaboration and communication -- again fueled by dropping costs and ubiquitous web access. In this presentation, Elance and Anybots will outline a vision for a way of working sure to provoke new direction in the way we work.

Moderated by: Thomas Vander Wal - Principal and Sr. Consultant, InfoCloud Solutions and, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Trevor Blackwell - Founder and CEO, Anybots
Fabio Rosati - President and CEO, Elance
12:00 PM

Adaptive Social Computing

Enterprise Social Collaboration systems are generating a motherload of potentially useful data, but extracting business value from the stream requires a new level of intelligent filtering and context-aware analytic. Jive Software Chief Scientist, Dave Gutelius, describes how Social Business platforms are addressing this issue with adaptive social computing and draws on case study examples from the Department of Defense and Commerce.

Speakers: David Gutelius - Chief Social Scientist, Jive Software
12:15 PM

The Price for Fast and Fluid: A Million Information Silos

Users are increasingly being empowered to access and use the tools they need without facing huge bureaucracy in the age of “credit card swipe” software and hardware services. At the same time, the leaders of these companies and workers are facing a looming problem. Their workers are creating silos of the companies' most vital lifeblood – data – in the ranks of the organization. In this session, we'll hear solutions and practices from some of the companies leading the self-provisioned future.

Moderated by: Stowe Boyd - Researcher, and Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Martin Frid-Nielsen - Founder and CEO, Soonr
Ivan Koon - CEO, YouSendIt
Ray Grainger - CEO, Mavenlink
Alan Masarek - CEO, Quickoffice
12:40 PM

Building an Enterprise Software Company That Doesn't Suck

A large part of disrupting the enterprise giants is building a culture that's more in line with consumer technology companies. Rather than building aggressive sales teams around locking customers into licenses ("elephant hunting"), new enterprise startups are taking a fundamentally different approach and focusing on product execution as the best means of acquiring (and retaining) customers. The founder of discusses how the new rules of enterprise software are about delivering substantially better products and services, and aligning customers and buyers in better ways.

Speakers: Aaron Levie - Co-Founder and CEO, Box
12:50 PM

Software for the Workers, by the Workers

What qualifies an IT “expert” to design the tools you need to use everyday? Think of years of failed deployments, trashed careers and billions wasted on software that isn't used or useful. There has to be a better way -- a way to enable those who know and understand their jobs to make the software they really need.

Speakers: Tommy Ahlers - CEO, Podio
1:00 PM


2:00 PM

Proven Gamification Patterns for the Enterprise

Companies are realizing the power of gamification to enhance work, reaping spectacular increases in productivity, engagement, innovation and outcomes along the way. Gartner estimates by 2015, 50 percent of all innovation in the Global 2000 will come from gamification. In this session with gamification expert and author Gabe Zichermann, we'll learn what's behind this extraordinary trend, key successes and failures, and major design patterns that will enable your organization to take advantage of this tool set.

Speakers: Gabe Zichermann - CEO, Gamification.Co
2:15 PM

335,000 Collaborators - Across Timezones, Languages and Geography

We're privileged to host Tom Conophy, CIO of InterContinental Hotels Group. Tom will talk about his successes and lessons learned using new collaboration tools in an old organization that spans the globe and employs 335,000 people. The talk will cover insights from using new technologies, overcoming cultural shifts and deploying to team members at all levels. Come away with true actionable insights from the CIO’s CIO.

Moderated by: Allen Delattre - Global Managing Director, Technology, Korn/Ferry International
Speakers: Tom Conophy - EVP and CIO, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
2:35 PM

Science Fiction’s Hand in Shaping the Future of the Work Desktop

Will the next generation of workers eschew a mouse and keyboard to wave their hands and speak instead? We're transitioning to a future where the mouse and the keyboard will be met with the same novelty as a mechanical typewriter in a museum. But how will this future work? How will it impact the way we plan our workspaces? The mind that created the visual futurism for the 2002 film Minority Report has gone and created a desktop for the modern worker. Come see and hear how he'll welcome in our future with a new paradigm for the computer desktop.

Speakers: John Underkoffler - Chief Scientist, Oblong Industries
2:50 PM

Co-Working 2.0: The Implications and Applications of Co-Working for Larger Organizations

Many companies are saying goodbye to the cubicle farm and creating what amount to co-working spaces within their own four walls. Other companies are shedding real estate while encouraging employees to work from home or wherever they please. What works and what doesn't? We'll look at collaborations with co-working spaces and learn how Fortune 500 companies are locating teams in these spaces to encourage innovation, boost recruitment capabilities and have access to emerging technology.

Moderated by: Larry Hawes - Principal, Dow Brook Advisory Services and Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Don Ball - Co-Founder, CoCo coworking and collaborative space
Mark Gilbreath - Founder and CEO, LiquidSpace
Steve King - Partner, Emergent Research
Jennifer Magnolfi - Advanced R&D Projects Lead Consultant, Herman Miller
3:20 PM

The Truly Mobile Workforce: Smartphones, GPS and Crowdsourcing

The smartphone is a powerful computer that's always connected, always on and knows a lot about its context. What if you could marry workers' desire to work with their availability and an employer's needs? You would create a new marketplace that matches availability and need on both sides: a win-win proposition. We hear from Ariel Seidman about the real-world impacts of his new service and how it will shape the way we approach work.

Speakers: Ariel Seidman - Co-Founder and CEO, Gigwalk
3:30 PM


(Optional Sponsored Workshops - Located on Level 2)

MBO Partners Sponsor Workshop - Room 1

A 360 Degree View of Independents At Work

The independent wave is coming – and the best way to capitalize on this emerging opportunity is to understand it from those at the front lines. Moderated by Gene Zaino, leading workforce thinker and MBO Partners CEO, this panel workshop will allow you to understand the movement that is driving the new, new world of work. Uncover the benefits and challenges of being an independent solopreneur with Bryan Forman of Forman Communications, learn corporate strategies behind hiring independent workers from Lonnie Goldman, Esq. of Your Own GC, and take away key macro research insights on the State of Independence in America from Steve King of Emergent Research.

Moderated by: Gene Zaino - President and CEO, MBO Partners
Speakers: Bryan Forman - Principal, Forman Communications
Lonnie Goldman - Attorney at Law, Your Own GC
Steve King - Partner, Emergent Research

uTest Sponsor Workshop - Room 2

Getting Past the Myths, Mistakes and Mysteries of Crowdsourcing

The key to successfully leveraging crowdsourcing is to advance beyond the notion of ‘mobs’, and to engage with an “expert-sourced” community. Using real-world examples, this workshop dispels the most common myths about crowdsourcing; suggests models for integrating the crowd’s contributions into your in-house teams; and reveals why it’s not just another marketing buzzword.

Speakers: Doron Reuveni - Co-Founder and CEO, uTest

LiquidSpace Sponsor Workshop - Room 3

The Consumerization of Real Estate: Sunset on the Dilbert Era

RIP Dilbert. By the millions, contemporary knowledge workers are leaving work to get work done. In their wake lie acres of idle cubicles and empty corporate parking lots. Today’s mobile worker is establishing her own personal workplace, where and when needed, in real time by tapping into a growing ecosystem of new and familiar places to get work done. For the corporate facilities or workplace strategy executive, this migration presents a welcomed opportunity to decrease fixed costs and improve business flexibility or on the flip side, surfaces new fears over loss of control and employee productivity. In this session we’ll explore the new questions raised by this exodus to mobile work including: Where are these employees actually going? Are they working productively? Are they working securely? Is this a good thing? What is the role of the Corporate Workplace Exec in this new era?

Speakers: Mark Gilbreath - Founder and CEO, LiquidSpace
4:20 PM

Overcoming Information Adversity: The Architecture of Tomorrow's Worker

The building blocks of tomorrow's workforce will be based on simplicity. The multitude of systems, tools and devices that we rely on today are compounding our workload and slowing down productivity. This session will explore how the worker of the future will revert back to simple tools to navigate through a complex information society.

Speakers: Timothy Young - VP, Social Enterprise, VMware
4:35 PM

Reputation Is Everything

Earning a reputation is fundamental to the next generation of work. Reputation has emerged in both the public and private spheres as well as everywhere in between. To some extent, reputation takes over where game mechanics experiments have left off and starts to publicly rank and reward those who produce the best. While this has an incredible capability to optimize the workforce, it also scares a lot of workers who have hidden in the shadows at their jobs for a long time. In this roundtable, we'll discuss these issues and how to use reputation positively in the workplace.

Moderated by: Colleen Taylor - Staff Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Luke Beatty - VP and GM, Yahoo!
Matt Thomson - VP of Platform, Klout
Niel Robertson - Founder, Crowdsortium and, Founder and CEO, Trada
4:55 PM

Making Collaboration Work: Incentivization, Success Patterns and New Ideas

“Collaboration” has become as much a business buzz word as “innovation.” More and more people are innovating the workplace by deploying collaboration. The results can be disappointing, as collaboration is often deployed in an ill-thought-out manner. In this talk, we'll reveal practices and axioms for making collaboration deployments succeed, including buy-in, incentivation, gamification and cultural change.

Moderated by: David Coleman - Founder and Managing Director, Collaborative Strategies and, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Sanjay Mathur - VP of Product Management, LiveOps
Maksim Ovsyannikov - VP of Product Management, Rypple
5:15 PM

Collaboration Beyond the Office

In this session, we sit down with a SaaS software legend and the CIO of Flextronics. Together, they share their secrets and insights about maximizing the return on SaaS and making it part of a broader collaboration strategy: one that extends beyond employees to customers as well. The talk will discuss what works, what doesn't, what contingencies need to be planned for, and how incentivizing collaboration needs to be a part of day-to-day operations.

Moderated by: Stowe Boyd - Researcher, and Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: David Smoley - CIO, Flextronics
Aneel Bhusri - Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Workday
5:35 PM

What Do Startups Have That You Do Not? The Collaboration Genome

Modern startups seem to thrive using collaboration tools, whereas their more senior brethren lag behind. Is it because they're poor and desperate? Is it because they seem to be staffed by hoodie-wearing teenagers? It's neither. It’s because they build the process into their DNA at the beginning. We'll talk to two leaders about their trials and errors and provide insight into the startup way of collaborating.

Moderated by: Sameer Patel - Founding Partner, The Sovos Group and Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Murtaza Hussain - President, HIGEAR
Tabrez Syed - VP of Products, Spiceworks
6:00 PM

What Can Enterprise Apps Learn from Consumer Product Design?

More and more, it seems truly innovative applications that see runaway success share common themes: design and simplicity. By designing for simplicity, tools are becoming easier to understand, acquire and operate. So why is collaboration getting the short end of the stick? In this session, we'll bring together a leading technologist and a consumer brand innovator who are collaborating on how they can bring common sensibilities and attractiveness back to collaboration efforts. After all, things designed well attract users and therefore, see actual use!

Moderated by: Thomas Vander Wal - Principal and Sr. Consultant, InfoCloud Solutions and, Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Bernd Christiansen - CTO, Citrix Online Services Division
Claudia Kotchka - Innovation Advisor, Consultant, Former VP of Innovation Design and Strategy at P&G
6:20 PM

Closing Remarks

6:30 PM

Cocktail Reception


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