"So the Smart Grid Will be Huge - Now What" Panel at Green:Net '10

7:30 AM

Registration and Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM
Katie Fehrenbacher - Editor Earth2Tech, GigaOM
Emcee - Chris Albrecht - Creative Director, GigaOM
8:35 AM

Energy Knowledge

Inventor Saul Griffith calculated his own energy footprint and is now helping with the Department of Energy's Energy Literacy Project. He'll talk about how energy knowledge can help fight climate change.

Speakers: Saul Griffith - Principal, Otherlab
8:55 AM

Digital, Smart Energy: Cleaner Power, Smarter Grids

The future of the power grid is electricity from cleaner sources combined with digital systems. How do these two intersect and what are the hurdles to this connection?

Moderated by: Katie Fehrenbacher - Editor Earth2Tech, GigaOM
Speakers: David Crane - CEO and President, NRG Energy
Eric Dresselhuys - EVP and CMO, Silver Spring Networks
9:20 AM

In Conversation with the DOE's Loan Chief

The head of the Department of Energy's loan and loan guarantee program will discuss the progress and the future of one of the most important means of government support for energy infrastruture.

Moderated by: Josie Garthwaite - Contributing Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Jonathan Silver - Executive Director, Department of Energy Loan Programs Office
9:45 AM

The CleanWeb

The next stage of development for cleantech is the "CleanWeb," technologies that leverage the capabilities of the Internet, social media, and mobile technologies to address resource constraints. Sunil Paul, who made his first investment in cleantech back in 2002, talks about the CleanWeb concept and why it's the next big thing.

Speakers: Sunil Paul - Founder, Spring Ventures
10:10 AM


(Optional Workshops)

Silver Spring Networks Workshop - Room 1

Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency & The Impact on the Consumer

The Smart Grid is laying the foundation for energy efficiency in cities and communities worldwide. Come hear different viewpoints on how energy efficiency programs are being developed around the globe, how this will affect the consumer and personal energy consumption, and what will be the potential impact on our world.

Moderated by: Matthew Smith - Senior Director, Product Management, Silver Spring Networks
Speakers: Kevin Dasso - Sr. Director of Smart Grid and Technology Integration, PG&E
Matt Petersen - President and CEO, Global Green USA
Annika Todd, Ph.D. - Postdoctoral Scholar, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford University
Clint Wheelock - President, Pike Research

Greenpeace International Workshop – Room 2

Dirty Data: How the Cloud is Powered and Why it Matters for the Climate

Greenpeace will release a new analysis that looks at leading IT companies (Facebook, Apple, Google, and more) and asks if IT, as it builds out the cloud, will perpetuate the dirty energy issues of older, entrenched industries or will be the innovative sector that creates a business model that prioritizes a future built on clean, renewable energy?

Speakers: Gary Cook - Senior IT Policy Analyst, Greenpeace International
10:50 AM

How the Social Web Can Drive A Green Economy

The Internet has made way for a new revolution in sharing “stuff,” as companies have sprouted up to help us share everything from our vehicles to household goods to our houses.

Moderated by: Lauren Anderson - Innovation Strategist and Project Manager, CC Labs
Speakers: Shelby Clark - Founder and CEO, RelayRides
Joe Gebbia - Chief Product Officer, Airbnb
11:10 AM

Smart Systems, Smart Software

Microsoft's eco chief will discuss how software, the web and cell phones are creating more efficient systems.

Speakers: Rob Bernard - Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft
11:30 AM

Cleantech Investing 2.0: Is A Renaissance Coming?

A cleantech renaissance could be coming, and will be led by investors that learned valuable lessons in the first wave of cleantech funding. Hear about the future of cleantech investing from Silver Lake Kraftwerk’s Adam Grosser (formerly from Foundation Capital) and Cathy Zoi (formerly the DOE’s Under-Secretary for Energy). The partners will talk for the first time together about what they've learned and what the future holds.

Moderated by: Katie Fehrenbacher - Editor Earth2Tech, GigaOM
Speakers: Adam Grosser - Managing Director, Silver Lake Kraftwerk
Cathy Zoi - Managing Director, Silver Lake Kraftwerk
11:50 AM

5 Big Ideas

5 Of Our GreenNet Big Ideas Winners Explain Their Innovations

Speakers: Mike Lin - CEO, Fenix International
John LoPorto - President and CEO, Power Tagging
Andrew Feldman - CEO, SeaMicro
Laura Manz - SVP, Western Region, Viridity Energy
Laura Schwel - Founder and Chief Strategic Officer, Virtual Vehicle Company
12:10 PM

How Does the Consumer Fit In?

Smart Grid Consumer Apps: What's Working, What's Not

Moderated by: Jeff St. John - Staff Writer, GigaOM
Speakers: Will West - CEO, Control4
Alex Laskey - President and Founder, OPOWER
12:30 PM


(Optional Workshops)

1:30 PM

Greener Data Centers

Data centers are power hogs, but forward-looking companies are increasingly making data centers more energy efficient and powered by cleaner sources.

Moderated by: Om Malik - Founder, GigaOM
Speakers: Christina Page - Director, Climate and Energy Strategy, Yahoo!
Bill Weihl - Green Energy Czar, Google
1:50 PM

Applications For Smart Grid Health

While consumers are an important piece of the smart grid, the bulk of the industry is growing up around connecting devices deeper onto the grid and making sure the grid stays up and running.

Moderated by: Clint Wheelock - President, Pike Research
Speakers: Scott Henneberry - VP, Smart Grid Strategy, Schneider Electric
Larsh Johnson - CTO, eMeter
Andrew J Tang - Managing Director, ABB Technology Ventures
2:15 PM

Sustainability and Design: The Key to Efficiency

In conversation with Autodesk's Chief.

Moderated by: Joel Makower - Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group
Speakers: Carl Bass - President and CEO, Autodesk
2:35 PM

Smart Cities

Networks, software, sensors will lead to the next-generation of connected cities and smarter power grids.

Speakers: Marthin De Beer - SVP, TelePresence, Emerging Technologies and Consumer Business, Cisco
2:55 PM

5 Big Ideas

5 Of Our GreenNet Big Ideas Winners Explain Their Innovations

Speakers: Umesh Mishra - CEO and Co-Founder, Transphorm
Michael Zimmerman - CEO, BuildingIQ
Karl Freund - VP Marketing, Calxeda
Chris Brozenick - VP of Consumer Products WeatherBug, Earth Networks
Anthony Atti, Ph.D - President and CEO, Phononic Devices
3:15 PM

Energy Storage: The Linchpin of the Grid

The power grid is a fragile network that needs a constant balance of supply and demand. But if grid energy storage became common place, it could lead to more clean power, usher in electric vehicles and deliver more reliability.

Moderated by: Ucilia Wang - Staff Writer, Earth2Tech, GigaOM
Speakers: Chris Campbell - VP of Business Development, Energy Solutions Group, A123 Systems
John Zahurancik - VP of Operations and Deployment, AES Energy Storage
3:35 PM


(Optional Workshops)

GigaOM Pro Workshop - Room 1

Cleantech Outlook 2011

From connected cars to smart cities, smart grid apps to digital energy, there is huge momentum behind the cleantech industry in 2011. Join GigaOM Pro analysts to hear them predict what trends and technologies will matter most this year in cleantech sector.

Moderated by: Michael Wolf - VP, Research, GigaOM Pro
Speakers: Dallas Kachan - Managing Partner, Kachan & Co, Member Analyst, GigaOM Pro
Jeff St. John - Curator, GigaOM Pro
Clint Wheelock - President, Pike Research, Member Analyst, GigaOM Pro
4:15 PM

Energy Efficiency Investing

What are the next hot areas for investment in energy efficiency and the smart grid? What's making money now?

Moderated by: Paul Kedrosky - Senior Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Speakers: Nat Goldhaber - Managing Director, Claremont Creek Ventures
Kevin Skillern - Managing Director, Venture Capital, GE Energy Financial Services
Ashu Garg - Venture Partner, Foundation Capital
4:40 PM

Cell Phones and EVs: Connected Devices

Automakers are launching electric vehicles that will be connected to cell phone apps, enabling remote battery management and reduced range anxiety.

Moderated by: John Gartner - Senior Analyst, Pike Research
Speakers: Edward Pleet - Product and Business Development Connected Services Organization, Ford Motor Company
Nick Pudar - VP, Planning and Business Development, OnStar
5:00 PM

Electric Vehicle Disruptors

Increasingly, independent carmakers are taking the EV revolution into their own hands. Tesla Motors has sold more than 1,500 electric Roadsters and is preparing for deliveries of its Model S sedan in 2012. Coda Automotive plans to launch its first electric sedan by the end of this year. The execs will discuss scaling up electric vehicles from the perspectives of two independent carmakers in different stages.

Moderated by: Katie Fehrenbacher - Editor Earth2Tech, GigaOM
Speakers: Jerome Guillen - Model S Programs Manager, Tesla Motors
Chris Paulson - VP, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, CODA Automotive
5:20 PM

Closing Remarks

5:30 PM

Cocktail Reception


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